Project Services

Business expansion and relocation needs inherently come with higher levels of risk and often consume significant resources.

We provide a range of project specific services that support and keep these plans on track and within budget.


Project Risk Management

Providing risk based oversight, designed to safeguard against personal injuries, cost increases, time delays and reputational damage. Where hazard identification, task assignment and monitoring of controls acts to mitigate these likely events impacting a project. 

Project Controls

Providing an important online facility to structure, display, retain, record and control all project aspects, including; overlapping time-lines, man hours, materials, approvals,  construction plans / standards, team discussions and risk management information, necessary to ensure every project is efficiently and effectively managed. 

Site Evaluation

Identifying, evaluating and comparison of existing and or new site locations, towards their expansion / relocation, determining their respective risk, potential and cost.

Offer & Acceptances

Negotiating pricing and terms with sales agents for this important transactional step, ensuring exit clauses adequately safeguard against purchasing the wrong site whilst detailed due-diligence is being conducted.

Detailed Due-Diligence

Providing detailed due-diligence as part of site evaluation of land-use planning, environmental, geo-technical, access, civils etc.

Lobbying Authorities

Providing lobbying services, where we discuss with government ministers and their staff; planning and approval matters.

Planning Approvals

Facilitating planning, environmental, build height, development application approvals.

Essential Services

Providing certainty for existing or otherwise planned essential services, including; natural gas, electricity, scheme water, sewerage and groundwater.

Site Plans

Providing design inputs and site plans to facilitate fire management, heavy vehicle swept-paths, vehicle / pedestrian movements & emergency egress.

Contracts / Contractors

Providing inputs, administration and management of contracts and contractor management, to ensure outsourced requirements are efficiently and commercially well-managed.

Capital-Works Insurances

Providing risk management inputs and industry contacts, to facilitate and maintain effective Construction Insurances.

Facility Maintenance Planning

Facilitating post-commissioning planned maintenance, through plant / equipment auditing, inventory / supplier management, facility planning and maintenance agreements.