Sums Insured Assessments



Property replacement costs are subject to an array of variable costs increases, including; materials, labour, transport, insurances, consultancy, planning, site location, geography, timing, building fit-out standards, currencies and changes to building codes etc. Having adequate replacement values are critical in rebuilding and refitting, to ensure the business is not financially impacted or operationally restricted following a devastating event.



We provide cost effective and detailed; building, plant and machinery replacement values, which are purposefully designed to establish declared values. 


The sums insured assessment includes:

  • Site location’s indexing, size, topography and geography;

  • Building envelope’s size, storm-water drainage design and accessibility;

  • High resolution aerial images;

  • Summary level; assessment tables;

  • Photographs of main buildings, plant and equipment;

  • Inclusions and exclusions definition listing;

  • Detailed schedules of; buildings and fixtures, furnishings and contents, plant and equipment and inventories.

  • Breakdowns of; Demolition / Disposal, Professional Fees, Site, Structures, Fixtures, Expediting and Inflation / Escalation Costs.


Sums Insured Assessment Outline


Routine assessments provide:

  • Increased confidence in ascertaining adequate insurance levels;

  • Provides major asset value detail;

  • Provides a reference into the Risk Survey Report’s; Estimated Maximum Loss consequence.