Operational Services

Most property and business owners and their managers are understandably focused on their daily operations, which invariably leaves their facilities exposed to building's becoming non-compliant and their work-places becoming potentially unsafe.

We take the worry out of identifying and treating these risks, to prevent them from impacting the businesses daily operations and operating insurances.

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Providing proactive and independent site risk surveys, with relevant and pragmatic improvement opportunities, for; property damage, machinery breakdown and general liability.  Typically used by business owners as inputs into an Enterprise-wide Risk Management Framework and by Insurers as inputs into quoting / policy renewals.

Providing cost effective, yet detailed; building, plant and machinery assessments. Specifically designed to establish declared values.  

Providing Thermographic Scanning of Electrical and Mechanical components to prevent overheating and fire, as part of Risk Survey Reports.

Managing the successful implementation of our Risk Survey Report's Improvement Opportunities, on our client's behalf.

Providing planning, software and inventory management; to efficiently and effectively manage facility maintenance activities.

Providing administration and management of tenders, evaluations, contracts, performance reviews, meetings and close-outs.

Providing Risk Management Data-base (online and client-server options available), efficiently and effectively manage client's Risk Management Framework / Risk Survey's Improvement Opportunities. 

Providing performance monitoring and reporting of client's Risk Management Framework / Risk Survey Report's Improvement Opportunities. Typically used by business owners to manage ongoing progress of their Enterprise-wide Risk Management Framework and by Insurers to monitor stipulated policy conditions throughout the policy's term.