Thermographic Scanning


Electrical systems are dynamic and can be affected by a wide range of effects and conditions, including; power surges, lightning, water, condensation, dust, power loads, circuit balance, age, materials, design and maintenance factors. These systems degrade over time and are contributed with causing many significant fires. Many work environments have higher risk areas, typically containing elevated dust levels and flammable vapours, which require higher levels of electrical monitoring.



We provide indicative thermographic scanning of electrical distribution boards, electric motors, bearings, conveyors, refrigeration, air conditioning, boilers etc, to enable remedial action to prevent overheating and fire.



High-level thermographic scanning of electrical distribution boards is included as part of our Risk Survey Reports. Alternatively, individual components can be inspected, and a detailed fire safety and production maintenance report can be provided.

Thermographic Imagery



Thermographic scanning compliments traditional maintenance practices, by providing early detection of overheating components, enabling their immediate repair and averting production stoppages and significant fires.