We are a family owned, West Australian company and niche provider of property risk management services.

Our metropolitan and regional clientele includes small to large business owners, national insurance brokerages and major underwriting firms.

We are experienced in risk management, property development, supply & contract management, risk surveying, sums insured assessments and facility planning / maintenance.

Our business clients understand the advantages of continuous property risk management and its resulting insurance benefits, just as they prefer self-managing their own expansion / relocation needs by engaging us to provide them with our project support services.

Our insurance brokerage clientele are typically focused towards improving their clients insurable risk levels, enabling them to  negotiate the most beneficial and competitive policies for their clients with the aid of our project and operational RM services.

Whilst our underwriting clientele are typically focused on surveying and improving their risk portfolios and individual policy holder situations, to justify their most competitive policy terms, deductibles and premiums being offered, we provide them with independent risk survey reports and sums insured assessments.

We work collaboratively with all parties and project members on a practical level, to provide tailored and independent risk management services through the entire project and operating continuum.

Our rates have a low over-head structure and charged on a project secondment or fee-for-service basis.  We also offer annual subscriptions based on various service options.